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Terrorist attack in India on Valentine's day

This Valentine's day (2019) has been very weird. This is one of the worst terror attacks in India (Jammu and Kashmir) in which 40+ lives of CRPF jawans of our country were lost. The blood of these soldiers has bled not once - repeated times with very limited actual retaliation by India. Supposedly, we are diplomatic and reserve our anger. For the whole list, now there is a Wikipedia page on Terrorism incidents in India. I was wondering about the family members and countless wellwishers of Indian soldiers who were seeing this on TV on the eve of Valentine's day. One sane response was that no channel was airing the balloons and chocolate cake parties that we typically see on this day. The prime time was full of the anger that people had regarding this event. It was black, And it was red.

Should we have stopped all the celebrations? Yes. Should we have acted larger than ever? Yes.
The blood was black on this Valentine's day and sitting with black bands on our hands is not en…
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Happiness within the mountain terrains

It was another casual dinner when we watch National Geographic. The additional aspect was that it was 25th January - the eve of India's republic day that is celebrated on 26th January each year. The programme was about Indian Air Force. Beyond our craze for high-end fighter jets, this programme was how the helicopters in Indian Air force helps both soldiers and civilians. 
One routine activity is reaching ration and other supplies to people located far away from civilization or shops. I can not even imagine how life at such places would be! For example, patrol posted at extremely high altitudes like Siachen (the highest battlefield of the world). All that exists in such postings is bitter cold with temperatures generally below freezing (-20 degrees centigrade), snow and a sense of duty to guard the nation. 
We always notice the sense of duty. But, beyond the responsibility, the programme featured an amazing level of happiness in the pilot and the army officer born out of synergy …